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> The January 14th issue of Science reports that 34 bombs were mailed to  
> British biomedical researchers injuring 7 people.  A "animal rights" 

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> The mixed signals coming from the research community regarding "animal 
> rights" has helped fuel this increasingly dangerous situation.  Too many 
> researchers have no idea what "animal rights" represents.  They insist on 
> equating the bizarre philosophy of "animal rights" with animal welfare 
> concerns, something they're more familiar with.  The legitimacy that this 

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> Its past time to stop apologizing for these dangerous idiots.  Humane 
> treatment of laboratory animals has nothing to do with the philosophy of 
> "animal rights".  Concern for animal welfare does not require a belief 
> that an animal has autonomous rights or that you have to accept the 
> spurious "animal rights" chain of logic.

+	In my own point of view, the animal should be tenderly treated
+in medical and biological researches. If animal has to be killed, it
+should be treated without pain and hurt.
+	In Thailand, we have a memorial ceremony for dogs those have

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+Teerakiat Kerdcharoen (NOY)

i agree with the two of you, but more with the first text. certain
animal rights activists are TERRORISTS and should be treated as such.
Teerakiat makes indeed the mistake of mixing concerns about animal 
welfare with the humbug theories of a dangerous minority, which, 
ultimately, may cause great damage to research.
Lucky for us, the laws on animal use in science have become increasingly
more stringent in most countries. this has however nothing to do
with certain bomb-laying knuckleheads.

in the meantime, i don't think there is much what we can do. terrorism
pops up regularly, and seems to live a (lawless-) life of its own.
perhaps scientists should stress the importance of animals to research
more than they do now ?
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