Terrorism against researchers in name of "animal rights"

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> The January 14th issue of Science reports that 34 bombs were mailed to  
> British biomedical researchers injuring 7 people.  A "animal rights" 
> terrorist group has claimed responsibility.  By word-of-mouth I've heard 
> that protests outside of Munich research centers have become threatening, 
> forcing some researchers and their families to flee Germany.

> The mixed signals coming from the research community regarding "animal 
> rights" has helped fuel this increasingly dangerous situation.  Too many 
> researchers have no idea what "animal rights" represents.  They insist on 
> equating the bizarre philosophy of "animal rights" with animal welfare 
> concerns, something they're more familiar with.  The legitimacy that this 
> gives the "animal rights" cultists increases their popular support and 
> guarantees increased attacks against biomedical research, and 
> researchers, from all quarters of the general public, as well as from the 
> terrorists, arsonists, and propaganda ministers.

> Its past time to stop apologizing for these dangerous idiots.  Humane 
> treatment of laboratory animals has nothing to do with the philosophy of 
> "animal rights".  Concern for animal welfare does not require a belief 
> that an animal has autonomous rights or that you have to accept the 
> spurious "animal rights" chain of logic.

> Being open-minded is not the equivalent of being passive or lacking the 
> ability to analyze.  Studying their propaganda doesn't mean that I have 
> to accept it.  Its past time to wake up and stop this nonsense before 
> anyone else is hurt.

	In my own point of view, the animal should be tenderly treated
in medical and biological researches. If animal has to be killed, it
should be treated without pain and hurt.
	In Thailand, we have a memorial ceremony for dogs those have
been killed in veterinary researches and educations. I have been told
that the dogs are treated gently. Indeed, those researchers I met
definitely recognize the dogs' right. They recognize the donation of
those animal's spirit and soul to the human welfare. Animal also has
mind and feeling. Pay some compassion to them, please.
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