Gene Construction Kit

Howard Cash cash at
Wed Feb 2 12:34:23 EST 1994

Gene Construction Kit is a great piece of software.  It covers a lot of what
StateGene(tm) was supposed to be 5 years ago (See CABIOS 4:1, p3, March 1988)
and does a superb job of it, IMHO.

Offhand, I know you can get Gene Construction Kit and/or lit about the program 
from the SIGMA catalogue.  It is listed on p 1952 of the 1994 edition.  

Jo Bob says, "Check it out"

-Howard Cash

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you work for a competing commercial company and happen to depend on reading
bionet newsgroups for your salary, please perform the due diligence of
emailing or phoning me before posting unsubstatiated or frankly preposterous
flames.  My number at Gene Codes is 313-769-7249. CSMIL, Gene Codes Corp
and I have no connection with SIGMA or the authors of Gene Construction Kit.
It's just a good piece of software. 

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