Online databases such as MEDLINE?

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Wed Feb 2 15:34:43 EST 1994

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>>       I was recently told that a database exists called MEDLINE(sp?)
>>which details the research and papers of participating scientists.  If
>>anyone has any relevant info about this or knows of existing, similar
>>datasbases, please EMAIL me ASAP.  Thanks in advance!!
>>                                                       Rusty Soots

>Medline is a list of references from the biomedical research literature.

>It is easily available at UNC-Chapel Hill Med. School library back to 

>1985 as UNCLE.  NCSU and UNC-CH should be connected on the Net.  Perhaps

>You can find a way to get a passaword.  The library's phone number is 


>David McKAlip

The best access I've found is to UnCover, available free on the net.  
UnCover is a serial index database containing over 4 million references from 
over 14,000 serial titles.  About 53% of titles are in science, medicine and 
technology, 21% in social science, 14% in humanities, and 12% in business.
Here, we access through the library gopher or telnet to 
and log in as SRS.  If individual telnet access is not possible, have a word 
with your information librarian.  Document delivery can be ordered on line, 
costing about US$12.50 with payment by Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.

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