ESA Educational Section Newsletter

Jennifer King jak96 at
Sun Feb 6 13:34:33 EST 1994

	The staff of the ESA Educational Section Newsletter is looking for 
articles for the spring issue.  Any articles pertaining to ecology education 
for students of any level, elementary through college, would be appreciated.  
Some article topics could be about, novel ideas you have come up with, 
current news items such as upcoming conferences, methods people have tried 
and found to work well, new software, and new experiments you have developed 
or anything else pertinent to ecology education.  
	If you would like more information or have anything to contribute 
you can contact the newsletter staff by mail at:
				ESA Educational Section Newsletter
				c/o George Briggs
				Biology Dept.
				SUNY Geneseo
				1 College Circle
				Geneseo, NY 14454
or by e-mail at:
				jak96 at
	If you want to contribute articles please send them by March 15th  
			ESA Educational Newsletter Staff

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