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Mon Feb 7 11:57:11 EST 1994

If your like me, you hate to look stupid.  There are so many acronyms for
things that it boggles the mind.  When I look in the news paper for a job,
there are all kinds of them stating what you have to know to get it.  If
you don't know what an acronym means or what it suggests, you are lost.

I want to put together an acronym dictionary.  This dictionary could be
used to figure out what everyone is trying to say.  When you go into a
job interview you can tell them what TCP/IP stands for and what it means.
If someone wanted to see if you knew what WYSIWYG means, you could tell them.

This is a big project and so below are some guidelines for the submission
of acronyms.  Once I get a fair amount (over 100) I will try to find a 
site for it to live.  Probably just zipped up and placed in a public place.

The database will be in .dbf format but can also me put into Sybase or 
Oracle if people would like it.  I am going to make a DOS and Windows version
of a program to query the information.  If a Unix version is wanted, please
let me know and I will see what I can do.

The format for submissions is as follows.

<acronym>|<literal translation>|<category>|<description>

As an example lets pick ASAP.  The submission would look like this.
ASAP|As soon as possible.|General|Used to generate a reply immediately.

This may not be the best example but it gets my point across.

If you want to put the description on its own line that would be OK but I
cannot take long descriptions.  I will have to decide how long they can
be later when I implement the programs to query them.

I appreciate any submissions and they can be from any form of science and
any source.  I know that just the military and computer science alone have
thousands.  This database will be open to the general public for use and
is intended to end a lot of the confusion that results from the use of
these acronyms.

Please send all replies to casto at

I will anounce when the database will be available and where it can be
downloaded from.  Again, thanks for any help I receive and hopefully we
can all benefit from this.

Robert K. Casto

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