GRE scores:(total obfuscation)

Chris Finelli finelli at
Mon Feb 7 16:08:32 EST 1994

I have been following this thread since it started with some personal interest.

What do you do with a student who has completed a tough undergrad. curiculum,
and really turned on in their jr. and sr. years, with a 3.0-3.5.  Who also
has Superb undergrad research ability, but VERY low GRE scores.  

According to some who have reponded this person wouldn't make the first cut,
even though they will most likely do very well in grad. school.

I realize there will be some exceptions to the general trends in test scoring
and weghting at grad. schools.  Have any of you come across this before?
Are allowances made for people who just panic at standardized tests?

Please note I am not the student in question, no offense will be taken.
I am just following up on a question that has come up in our dept.


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