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> If your like me, you hate to look stupid.  There are so many acronyms for
> things that it boggles the mind.....
> I want to put together an acronym dictionary....
> The database will be in .dbf format but can also me put into Sybase or 
> Oracle if people would like it.  I am going to make a DOS and Windows version
> of a program to query the information.  If a Unix version is wanted, please
> let me know and I will see what I can do.
> The format for submissions is as follows.
> <acronym>|<literal translation>|<category>|<description>
> I appreciate any submissions and they can be from any form of science and
> any source.  I know that just the military and computer science alone have
> thousands.  This database will be open to the general public for use and
> is intended to end a lot of the confusion that results from the use of
> these acronyms.
> Please send all replies to casto at
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Hello there,
	If you are looking for a source of predominantly *computer* acronyms
then there is a large list of them in the computer jargon file (aka: The
Hacker's Dictionary).  I seem to remember that this is available by Gopher
(and thus probably by WWW now).  If you want to obtain this by ftp then try;     (
	pub/jargon/jargon2910.ascii    (or jargon2910.ascii.Z for compressed)

	I hope your acronym database will concentrate upon biological terms
rather than computer terms.  Its quite a struggle keeping your head up when
being trampled by herds of CAT's, FISH and YAC's.  Will you also delve into
the Merck Index and give us a ready list of those obfuscated abbreviations?
	Good luck with your endeavour!

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