Definition of Life

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Tue Feb 8 11:03:55 EST 1994

Douglas Adams wrote:

>I have to give a talk next week, for which it would be useful for me to
>know a couple of things:
>1  What is a good definition of Life? What are the criteria? Complexity?
>Self-organisation? Reproduction? Competitive reproduction/Evolution?

I have to say that I'm not one of the people who go for the textbook Growth, movement, reproduction etc...

I think life is a *consequence* of reproduction: that is that if something
replicates, in what ever manner then you should say that it is alive;
futhermore it will evolve into more efficient reproductive objects.

This encompasses everything that is alive by the text book definition
but doesn't have gaia as alive (which I think is good): however my
definition would certainly include chain letters in the post office (think
of them as paper viruses inhabating the postal service) and 
bionet.general newsthreads....

still, I think it is a good idea to turn the defintion on its head and reproduce hence you are alive. Eat that Descartes.


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BTW I'm interested in what the biggest thing "alive" is...Zoologists, where
are you?   

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