GRE scores:your opinion

William R. Pearson wrp at
Mon Feb 7 20:02:49 EST 1994

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Evan W. Steeg <steeg at> wrote:
> If departments want to use GREs simply because it's cheap and easy 
>and doesn't require a lot of thought by the admissions committee 
>members, they ought to just admit it.

	OK, I sit on an admissions committee.  In an application, I
have GRE's, grade point, transcript, letters of recommendation, and a
one page essay on why I want to be a scientist.  The letters of
recommendation are universally excellent to outstanding.  Some of the
applicants already have some research experience but this is rare -
independent research is even more so.  We interview every domestic
applicant we accept, but we would prefer to be able to accept the
applicant before they come for the interview, so the visit is more
like recruiting and less like an evaluation.

	How would you choose the 8 of 50 applicants who get the $500
interview or the 4 applicants who get the $25,000 admission?

Bill Pearson

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