Serum-Electrolyte-Fluctuation while Regeneration

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Tue Feb 8 08:25:20 EST 1994


 I need your help ! I'm searching scientific information, literature 
 or experiences about

	Serum-Electrolyte-Fluctuation as Response to Power Lifting
	and its Behaviour on several Regeneration Techniques.

 This means electrolytes like magnesium, potassium or sodium in
 blood and serum and also the water or fluid balance.
 With Power Lifting I mean special power training for athletes or
 The root of the matter is the Serum-Electrolyte-Fluctuation.
 What influence has nutrition to this ?

 Can anyone help me ? Are there any athletes, bodybuider or
 scientists like sport doctors with any experience ?

 I'm very glad about any answer to this posting. Please send a copy
 of your answer via email to one of the following mail adresses:
	stephanb at
	regina at

 Thanx and bye,

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