Bioethics Messages

Wed Feb 2 20:34:54 EST 1994

In response to the recent messages about scientific ethics and the specific
suggestion by William Navarre posted today about a newsgroup devoted to
bioethics, I thought the following might be of use:
1) There is a BITNET listserv list devoted to biomedical ethics toio which
one can subsceribe called BIOMED-L. A message to LISTSERV at NDSUVM1.BITNET
in the form of SUBSCRIBE BIOMED-L Your_Name puts you on the mailing list.

2) A similar listserv list that focuses on fraud and misconduct in science
is called SCIFRAUD (send message to LISTSERV at ALBNYVMS.BITNET1.BITNET).

3) A third list (SCI-TECH-STUDIES) occasionally touches on these issues
(send message to LISTSERV at UCSD.EDU).

4) Subscribers to the on-line computer network for biotechnology, BioTechNet,
can find discussions of these issues in the Bulletin Board feature, Forum,
under the title, "Ethics and Issues." BioTechNet is accessible through
the Internet at "" via your Telnet mode.

5) There are numerous artcilesticles available discussing these topics. I have
written some myself for the publications, *Genetic Engineering News* and
*Trends in Biotechnology*. 

6) The issue is not one of lack of things to talk about, but whether people
have enough interest in this topic to make a newsgroup devoted to these
issues worth the effort. Readers of this newsgroup might comment further.

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