I need general references in "inventoring" Quebec (CAN) biodiversity

Lemieux Sebastien lemieuse at ERE.UMontreal.CA
Mon Feb 7 22:13:08 EST 1994

I'm looking for references of any kind to help me in building a database
of the biodiversity of the Quebec province (Canada).  This database will
further be integreted in a 7th grade software, so it must only cover the
basic species.  Every taxonomic group will be covered.  The complete
database should contain the description of more than 1000 species.

Since i'm not claiming myself a specialist in all those taxonomic groups
I would greatly appreciate any help, especially in pointing me in the right

I don't know if a kind of inventory of Quebec biodiversity as been built
up, but that kind of document would be of really great use, since it
could cover all the taxonomic groups needed.

It would be kind to contact me via mail.  I'll summarize the answers.

Thanks for your help
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