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Mon Feb 7 15:41:05 EST 1994

UPDATE: How To Let Earth Teach

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A new ecopsychology article describes a remarkable
nature-connecting process that scientifically lets Earth 
itself teach its natural wisdom, spirit and peace.  

**Now, by special arrangement,  get a complimentary electronic 
copy of this American Psychological Association journal article

at  "" through FTP/pub/ecopsych ; 

or by Email to "ecopsych-article at" ;  

or by U.S. postal mail to Article, Box 4112, Roche Harbor WA 98250 USA.**

The article shows how to use a revolutionary inter-cultural psychology
process in classrooms, mental health and recovery programs.  A
forthcoming free internet Applied Ecopsychology training course is also 


In recognition of his 39 years as Assistant Secretary General of
the United Nations, his establishment of the University for Peace
and development of global education schools, books and
curriculums, Dr. Robert Muller received the Albert Schweitzer
Peace Prize and the UNESCO Prize for Peace.  Today, as Chancellor
of the University for Peace, United Nations, Dr. Muller says:

"We must not shy from new opportunities to relate more responsibly to
each other, spirit and the environment.  For this reason I urge you to read
Dr. Michael J.  Cohen's remarkable article "Integrated Ecology:
The Process of Counseling With Nature" in the American
Psychological Association's Autumn 1993 issue of THE HUMANISTIC
PSYCHOLOGIST Vol. 21 No. 3.  The article offers a unique
educational process whose sensory, nature-connecting activities
reduce apathy, promote mental health and manage stress.

I am familiar with Dr. Cohen and his ecopsychology work.
It fulfills our economic needs, deeper ideals and spirit.  His
self-guiding materials deserve the attention of every person who
seeks to reverse our troubles and I am delighted to help make them 

**An electronic mail, 72K copy of the article is available through
internet FTP as well as by Email as follows:

1.  FTP: Go to the FTP Directory at "" and under "Pub"
download "ecopsych"

2.  EMAIL: Simply send an Email request to "ecopsych-article at"

3. HARD COPY AND INFORMATION: You may request a free hard copy of
the article and/or be kept informed of new applied
ecopsychology opportunities and developments if you E-mail your
*Post Office address* to "worldpeaceu" (worldpeaceu at,
or you may postal mail your postal address to: World Peace
University, Box 4112, Roche Harbor WA 98250. (Non-USA  residents
please send a self-addressed, business-size envelope stamped for
$1.25, US or equivalent if possible).

4.  Details of a forthcoming free internet Applied Ecopsychology
training course are included with the article.  Inquire about
scheduled national training conferences.

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