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>Universities and biomedically oriented industries (pharmaceutical and 
>biotech) have recently begun to organize campaigns to counter the public's 
>general state of ignorance about what biomedical research is, how it is 
>conducted, and why humane treatment of subjects (animal "and" human) is 

I've seen several excellent efforts like this directed at the public and, 
most notably, at elected officials.  Have you considered a 
disenfranchised constituency though: researchers.  Believe it or not, 
most reseachers are so busy ducking the issue that they haven't a clue as 
to what the controversy is really about.  There is no unified, clear, 
message about "animal rights" coming from the research community.  A 
recent issue of "The Scientist", for instance, clearly treats "animal 
rights" as being synonymous with humane treatment and shows no 
understanding that the goal of "animal rights" is the abolition of all 
biomedical research using animals.

BTW, if anyone here is interested in educating themselves about this 
topic that is nearly as important as were your next grant is coming from, 
you can subscribe to the CFAAR (Coalition For Animals and Animal 
Research) newsletter by writing to:

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Membership dues are $10.

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