Natural Senses Are Biological Facts

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>UPDATE: How To Let Earth Teach
>**Please post and network this announcement.  Thank you.**
>A new ecopsychology article describes a remarkable
>nature-connecting process that scientifically lets Earth 
>itself teach its natural wisdom, spirit and peace...  
>The article offers a unique
>educational process whose sensory, nature-connecting activities
>reduce apathy, promote mental health and manage stress.
>...self-guiding materials deserve the attention of every person who
>seeks to reverse our troubles.

Splendidly put. I believe that every person who, like me, seeks to
reverse our troubles, is in need of remarkable self-guiding materials.
Materials that reduce apathy. Materials that promote mental health and
manage stress. We are, all of us, in need of nature-connecting activities.
In this twentieth century, our clear-simple language is direly in 
need of aditional hyphenated inner-harmony-wisdom that has been
cleansed of jargon. We must remember that Earth is nature-connected.

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Ps. I am seeking FTP-able archives on the subjects of ecopsychotherapy,
ecogastroenterology, and ecoorthopedics.

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