Mac Quadra 840AV- opinions

Nikki Watson nwatson1 at
Sun Feb 6 23:07:22 EST 1994

		No doubt this subject has been canvassed previously but I am new to
reading this newsgroup. 
	 We would appreciate making contact with anyone who has experience with
using a Quadra 840AV machine with biological light (phase, DIC etc.) and
TEM microscopy. Our particular concern is the quality of the image grabbing
board. We could put a better board into the 840 if necessary, but
then we should reconsider a straight Quadra 800 and get all the separate
fittings. Price is definitely a consideration but paramount is the quality
of the final image.  At this stage we do not envisage any uses for the
audio side of the AV. Any information would be welcomed, including pointers
to a site to access previous queries along the same lines. Would it be even
better to wait for the PowerPC and put in the necessary image grabber?
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