Joni Self joni.self at bbs.puc.edu
Wed Feb 9 15:27:22 EST 1994

I agree with you Yolanda!  Every patient should have the right to know
what is happening to his/her tissues!  I'm not sure, however, if they
need to be told all the details of the research.  So long as they sign
over their tissues, then it is no longer their concern.  Maybe the
research is confidential or controversial?  If the patient does not
request this knowledge then they have no right to it later on.  If the
tissues are being used to make a commercial or marketable product, then
I believe the patient has a right to compensation for the tissue, but
not necessarily a share of the product.  The researchers are the ones
who do the thinking, research, and inventing, not the patient.  After
all, would the patient have been able to make something out of his own
tissue if he had kept it?  I doubt it. See ya!

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