Inference in pedigrees, Gibbs sampling

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Fri Feb 11 12:23:10 EST 1994

> Claus S. Jensen writes:
> I am looking for newsgroups, mailing-lists, gopher-, and WWW-servers
> holding information on inference in pedigrees, Gibbs sampling applied
> to biological problems, etc.
> If you are aware of any places, where such topics are discussed, please
> reply here or by mail!

I haven't seen any discussion of the use of Gibbs sampling on pedigrees
or related problems here, although it would be a logical place if there
were enough people who both worked on the problem and read the newsgroups.
Right now I am only aware of a few groups using these (and related)
methods in the context of pedigree analysis; the total population of
people doing such research may be too small to support any kind of active 
discussion on the bulletin boards.  The groups I know of off the top of
my head which are working in this area and other related areas are:
U of Washington:  E Thompson & E Wijsman; U of S Calif:  D Thomas;
U of Calif at Los Angeles:  K Lange; U of Chicago:  A Kong; and 
A Thomas & N Sheehan in Bath, England.  There are some students who
started in these locations & have since graduated & gone elsewhere.

Are you looking for information because you are just getting interested
in this area, or are you already working in the area & want to see
how things are going in the biological sciences?

Ellen Wijsman
Div of Medical Genetics, RG-25
and Dept of Biostatistics
University of Washington
Seattle, WA   98195
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