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+ray at (Raymond Kan) writes:
+>Life: a phenomenon of matter and energy sustained by the self-replicating 
+>and coding properties of nucleic acids.
+                          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
+Why must it be by nucleic acids?  What about hypothetical life from another
+planet that uses something else?

i think the definition is GREAT ! all lifeforms that we
know use some nucleic acid as the matrix that defines them,
and this, most importantly, is duplicated and passed on to the next
forget about hypothetical lifeforms from another planet: we can adjust the
definition if you show me one (i will buy you and it a beer!). Besides, are
you so sure that there is extraterrestrial life ?imho the cchanges are in favor
of us being the only ones in the universe.

according to this definition, humans, fungus, virus, even transposons and 
viroids are lifeforms, whereas single body cells, red blood cells, mRNA

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