Cell Patents

Mike Gifford mike.gifford at bbs.puc.edu
Thu Feb 10 20:17:19 EST 1994

     Larry Won wrote that people have a right to determine what happens
to their body parts just as much as a person has a right to determine
what happens to their personal property.  In a sense he is right, but I
think it also has to be taken into consideration that some of these
cells can be very beneficial to mankind.  Let's say that a person was
found with cells in their body that could cure cancer 100% of the time.
Should this person have the right to keep these cells to himself, even
if it meant millions of people would die from cancer?  Sure this example
is a little far fetched, but I think it shows that people have a
responsiblity to help medical advances.  But it is also very important
that these people are compensated for what they have done.  For
instance, the guy that is suing UCLA has every right to sue them because
they are making money off of his body without his consent.

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