cell patenting

Larry Won larry.won at bbs.puc.edu
Thu Feb 10 17:50:41 EST 1994

    I would have to agree with Moore and others who believe that a
person has a right to know and decide what happens to their bodily
cells, organs and fluids.  No one can argue that organs and parts of
a person's body are personal property, more so than something he/she
buys from a store.  So how can there be laws punishing someone for
stealing another's impersonal property but nothing against taking
someone's body parts and utilizing for what they need.  It doesn't seem
to add up.  Maybe a person will be selfish and not allow others to gain
from some part of their body they don't need but that is their right.
    It's like the organ donor idea.  Many people don't want you toying
with their body long after they have no use for it anymore so how much
more strongly will they feel about it while they are alive.  A person's
body and all that comes in it are one of their most important
possessions and I think they have every right to decide what is done
with components of their body.

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