What is a gene?

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>	We've recently had a series of articles that raised & discussed
>questions concerning "what is a chromosome?" and how to effectively
>present this material to students.
>	No less vexing, to me, is the question "what is a gene?" and how
>to teach *that* body of ideas and data. This is a question that, both
>from my own experience & from rumors I've heard over the years, can
>blow away even a Ph.D.-candidacy-exam student because it seems so simple.
>	Any thoughts on the matter?
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How about: 

	  A gene is a segment of DNA/RNA that, when
		leads to a biologically functional product.

This covers genes that code for proteins, genes that code for nucleic
acids (e.g: tRNA genes), and retroviral genes.


Ron Kagan
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