Bubonic plague

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> R.equest  F.or  I.nformation
>          Hi,  my name is Yannis Breit-Hofberg. I'm in the eighth grade 
> and doing a science project on the Bubonic  plague. I have studied some 
> sources including a college microbiology book which described a lot of 
> the symptoms, and two National Geographic articles that included 
> information about fleas, rats and antibiotics. I would like to know if 
> there are any new strains of the plague. I heard that there might be new 
> strains popping up and that they were non-treatable with the current 
> antibiotics. Another thing I couldn't find in my resources was mortality 
> rates. I would like to make a graph on the most recent death rates so if 
> you know any or where to find them it would be much appreciated. I am 
> wondering whether there is a way to gopher or ftp to the World Health 
> Organization for info or the Center for Disease Control.  Thank you very 
> much in advance for reading and responding to my question.

Hello, Yannis. Not directly what you asked, but an interesting piece of
information about the plague is that there are still at least two sites in
London which cannot be excavated because of the Great Plague of London in
1665. The two I know of are around Knightsbridge and Lincoln's Inn Fields.
These are the sites where people were buried in great communal graves
called "plague pits", and people fear that the organism might still be
alive and virulent.

James Petts

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