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Sat Feb 12 15:41:40 EST 1994

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>Date: Tue, 8 Feb 1994 13:23:16 EST
>One of the problems with acronyms is that the same acronym can have different
>meanings to different people.  I once attended a conference on sports medicine.
>Most of the participants were general practitioners.  One of the talks was
>given by an orthopedic surgeon who gave a breakdown of problems facing elite
>athletes.  The speaker couldn't understand why the audience started to chuckle
>when he mentioned that 2% of the problems were PIDs.  To an orthopedic surgeon
>PID stands for prolapsed intervertebral disc, to a general practitioner it
>stands for pelvic inflammatory disease.  The latter certainly has naughtier
>social implications.
>Barry Campbell
>Molecular Ecology Laboratory
>Queen's University in Kingston.

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