Amy Leach amy.leach at bbs.puc.edu
Fri Feb 11 17:26:19 EST 1994

If I lose all feeling in my hand and I agree to cut it off and send it
to the Land of Research, theoretically it is not part of me anymore.
The parts of me that I consider me are the parts that are contiguous
with the concsious me.  In a nice world, I could give things away and
not worry that they are being used to devise torture techniques or
the prettiest colors of makeup.

I really think that we SHOULD be in the spirit of giving, even if it is
uninformed giving.  But I also think that research SHOULD be used
for the improvement of living for those who don't live in healthy
bodies.  Which it is, of course.  But often it is not, and therefore,
because of the conditions of this world, and not my ideals, I agree with
you when you say compensations and/or information about the destination
of donated tissues need to be required for donors.

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