Norman Suguitan suguitan at ucssun1.sdsu.edu
Sat Feb 12 02:27:20 EST 1994

I am taking an introductory biology laboratory.  We did an experiment last
week about enzymes.     My biology laboratory is about 2 topics advanced
than my biology lecture, so usually, I just go through the motion of the
laboratory without really comprehending what we supposed to know.

The laboratory about enzymes required us to drop 3 drops of sodium hydroxide
after the enzyme, substrates, and ph10 Buffer, and water reacted after 7 mins.
Then we measured the whole solution using the Spectronic 20 instrument.  
Now, the question, why did we need to drop the sodium hydroxide first prior
to the measurement of the enzyme absorbance in the solution.  Need your
expert help.    Another question, what is the purpose of the ph10 buffer in
the solution? I understand the substrates and the enzyme part to produce
a product, but not sure about the ph10.


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