Dry solvents for proteins.

Soumit K. Basu sbasu at clark.wbme.jhu.edu
Sat Feb 12 09:45:43 EST 1994

I would like to know if any dry (anhydrous) solvents exist which may dissolve
proteins.  While I understand the difficulties of dealing with proteins in
non-aqueous environments, if I could manage an anhydrous solvent system my life
becomes that much easier for a particular modification reaction I wish to run.
I have already tried the "standards" such as DMF and DMSO with no success.  A
technical representative at Sigma advised me of the possibility of using
dry acetone or dioxane.  Would anyone have any information, references, ideas,
comments, insights on the matter?  I deal with the protein orosomucoid and its
derivative asialoorosomucoid, both carrying tremendous negative charge (31
Glutamates and Aspartates + terminal carboxyl), so I realise that a solution to
my query may not exist within practicality.  Thanks in advance.

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