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Rob Learmonth rlearmon at
Thu Feb 10 18:18:50 EST 1994

In article <06FEB94.18045466.0273 at VM1.MCGILL.CA>, BGAA000 at MUSICB.MCGILL.CA (KWAN,TONY,MR) writes:
> Our lab is looking for an online service where we could connect to and
> search Current Contents (or similar periodical index with abstracts)
> online through Internet.  We are currently using another lab's
> Reference Update (which lacks abstracts) on a very old and slow PC. We
> would like to improve our productivity by searching online which we
> assume would be much more up to date and a bit faster.  Any information
> on any free or commercially available servers to connect to would be
> appreciated.
> Tony Kwan
> Dept. of Biochemistry, McGill University
> bgaa at

In Australia the Council of Australian Libraries provides Current Contents
online to *Australian* Universities.  I have used this service.  I don't
know whether they would do it for overseas users, however they should
know whether such services exist in the US (I would be surprised if
they didn't exist).  You could email an enquiry to networks at
or fax to 61 67 273 1180.

I hope this is helpful, please let me know how you go.



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