Interfeence filters for microplate readers HELP!!!!!!

Mon Feb 14 18:12:06 EST 1994

Greetings,  I was wondering if anyone can supply me with fax numbers and 
addresses of companies that manufacture the small cartridge type 
interference filters that are fitted to most brands of ELISA microplate 

I am currently trying to find an alternate supplier for filters for our 
DYNATECH MR5000 plate reader, (price of filters from New Zealand agent NZ$686
which is approximately US$340 EACH!!!!!).

I have previously been successful in obtaining filters for a FLOW reader 
from DITRIC OPTIC in the US at a price of approximately US$25 each, a 
considerable saving, however I no longer have an up to date Fax number for 

The filters in the DYNATECH machine are different from the FLOW machine and 
could be best described as follows.

diameter of filter housing 15mm, diameter of visible surface of filter 10mm,
depth of filter 8mm with a 1.5mm wide groove set in on the outside edge 5mm 
from the top surface of the filter. The only visible identication on the 
filters is some printed lettering e.g 340NM-SF  12/91  the 340NM is of 
course the wavelength the other numbers the date of manufacture.

Can anyone verify the shelf life of these filters also, i.e do they have one 
I have been told that they do but have never been able to confirm this. 

I would really appreciate it if anyone can help

Later   Sid

Best return address SJones at  

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