Hormone Bovine Somatotropin

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>I am looking for infomation related to the use of a bioengineered protine to
>increase dairy cow milk yeaild.
	You might begin with Science & Nature science news columns. Also
a medline search using keywords like "somatotropin," "growth hormone,"
etc., will help.

>Is the hormone released in the cow's milk?
	Yes; both naturally produced somatotropin and recombinant
somatotropin would be found in the cow's milk.
>Does pasteurization (or any other process) kill the hormone?
	I don't know. What are the temperatures? Perhaps the hormone does
>If the hormone is present in commercial milk, what are the health
>consequences for those who drink it?
	Since bovine somatotropin is a normal constitutent of cow's milk,
anyway, the question is whether slightly elevated amounts will affect
a person drinking it. Since stomach & intestinal enzymes will break down
the hormone and other milk proteins into small peptides & amino acids,
I think the health consequences are *a priori* non-existent. Apparently
the FDA has studies with data supporting this conclusion. I cannot speak
to the methodology or quality of the studies.

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