3rd IUBMB Conference 1995 Announcement

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IUBMB 3rd International Conference 1995 Singapore

                         INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE
Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Singapore Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
(SSBMB) and the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
(IUBMB), it gives us great pleasure to invite you to participate in the
3rd IUBMB Conference.

The IUBMB initiated the International Conference series in 1992. The 1st
Conference, "Biochemistry of Diseases", was held in Nagoya, Japan in June
1992.  The 2nd Conference, "Biochemistry of Cell Membranes", was held in 
Bari, Italy in September 1993. The 3rd Conference, to be held in Singapore
in April 1995, is dedicated to "Molecular Recognition".

Our committee has arranged some exciting lectures and symposia. There will
be 5 Plenary Lectures. These include Prof. A.R. Fersht speaking on "Protein
folding", Prof. D. Metcalf on " The molecular regulation of blood cell
formation", and Prof. S. Nakanishi on "Molecular biology of glutamate
receptors and their roles in brain functions".

There will be a total of 28 symposia as listed in the Scientific Programme.
Colloquia and poster sessions will also be included in the 3.5 day meeting.
We are inviting leading scientists from all over the world to contribute
symposia lectures in the exciting research areas of signals and receptors,
catalysis and drug action, neurobiology and molecular immunobiology.  Other
colloquia lectures to be given will be selected from the abstracts that we
receive from you and all our international colleagues whom we expect to
attend in large numbers.

Apart from the rich and exciting programme, we have planned a welcome
reception with a cultural show that introduces the multicultural and
multiethnic society in Singapore. In mid-week there will also be a sumptuous
Chinese banquet for all participants. Tours to places of interest in
Singapore and in the neighbouring countries of Malaysia and Indonesia can be
arranged by our official travel agent.

We sincerely hope that you will be able to join us in Singapore in 1995 for
an exciting scientific, social and cultural experience.

Edward Jacob             Kay-Hoon Lee
Chairman                 Co-Chairman
Organising Committee     Organising Committee

IUBMB 3rd International Conference 1995 Singapore

                          SCIENTIFIC PROGRAMME
*  Dr. A R Fersht :      Protein Folding
*  Dr. D Metcalf :       The Molecular Regulation of Blood Cell Formation
*  Dr. S Nakanishi :     Molecular Biology of Glutamate Receptors and their
                         Roles in Brain Functions

* Ion channels
* Inhibins and activins
* Kinases
* Phosphatases
* G proteins and accessory factors
* Growth factors and cytokines
* Gaseous mediators

* Catalytic centres
* Protein engineering and unconventional enzymes
* Drug receptors and drug metabolizing enzymes
* Toxins
* Computer modelling of binding sites and drugs
* Biosynthesis and recognition of glycoconjugates
* Enzyme biotechnology

* Neurodevelopment
* Neurotrophic factors and receptors
* Gene regulation in the nervous system
* Neuronal signalling
* Neurochemistry of sensor systems
* Molecular neuropathology
* Neuroglia

* Major histocompatibility molecules and antigen presentation
* Vaccine design and development
* T-cell and B-cell development and function
* Gene rearrangements in the immune system
* Apoptosis
* Immune modulation in medical therapeutics

* Colloquia and Poster Sessions

* Welcome reception with cultural show

* Mid-week Chinese banquet

* Sight-seeing tours in Singapore and neighbouring countries

* Trade exhibition

* Biocomputing and Bioinformatics corner 

For details contact :
Dr. Hoon-Eng Khoo
Hon. Secretary, 3rd IUBMB Conference
Department of Biochemistry
National University of Singapore
Kent Ridge
Singapore 0511.
Phone :     65-7723250
Fax :       65-7791453
Email :    bchkhe at leonis.nus.sg

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