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In article <2jqv8d$281 at>
laws at (Robert Laws) writes about a scientist who
seemingly vanished upon emigrating to the United States:
> [national origin & dates of university attendance deleted]
> Does anyone know where he is?  Jill Stigter would like to find him.
	The first places *I'd* look are Science Citation Index and
Medline. If he's published research in the last three years, you'll
find it easily. Do an author search first, then manually cull the
titles for relevant subject areas. Piece-of-cake to figure out current
institutional affiliation; then use a netfind server to search for
current e-mail address information, or just make the long distance
phone call to get the lab #s.

	In 1979, using this procedure (without any automation, of
course), I found a childhood friend of my father's. They had grown up
in the same neighborhood & went their separate ways nearly 40 years
earlier. All my father knew was the man's name & research discipline
("parasitology," in this case). An hour in the library using SCI, and
I had reconstructed 15 years' worth of the man's research career:
publications, changing experimental organisms, promotions &
recruitments by a small succession of universities.

	Modern on-line bibliographic searches should let you do the
same in a fraction of the time.

	Oh, I have to admit being curious about your separately
posting this message in several bionet.* newsgroups AND s.s.  

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