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Wed Feb 16 17:08:31 EST 1994

Preamble: I am a TA for an introductory biology class (college level). To
spark my students' interest a little, I had them each write questions to
me, about anything in biology that interested them, and that at the 
beginnning of each laboratory section I would briefly answer. I got some
great questions! And with a resource such as your collective knowledge,
I hope to be able to reliably answer the ones on which I have very
little background or ideas for more local resources.

So, here are some of the ones which have stumped me because I don't know
where to look (outside of Medline, acquaintances, and basic bio textbooks):

Why do salmon die after reproduction (also worded as, why can't they 
undergo gametogenesis more than one time in their lives)?

How can one improve memory?

Why can people usually only sleep withtheir eyes closed?

Do alcoholics metabolize more alcohol for their energy source relative to
glucose than non-addicted people? Why are people addicted to alcohol?

What is the percent (roughly) difference between a mammalian and a plant

Do men get breast cancer?

	I think I have a handle on the other 25 or so questions, but I
would appreciate a little detailed help with the above (not just yes/no).

Thank you!!
	Heather Corbett, UC Berkeley

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