Mitochondria, Plastids and DNA inheritance

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> Purely as a desire to overcome ignorance:  How does paternal inheritance
> of organelle genomes occur in plants?  Are one or more whole organelles 
> included in pollen or just the DNA, and if the latter does it remain as a 
> separate entity from chromosomal DNA or is it integrated into or associated 
> with the chromosomal material? 
Further to earlier postings on this theme:  check out Hurst L, Hamilton
WD (1992) Cytoplasmic fusion and the nature of the sexes. Prod Soc Lond
B 247: 189
Hurst L (1992) Intra-genomic conflict as an evolutionary force Proc Soc
Lond B 248: 135

There's also a popularised account in Science 257: 324-326, 1992

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