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Alan Smith arsmith at lamar.ColoState.EDU
Wed Feb 16 21:30:21 EST 1994

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>Why do salmon die after reproduction (also worded as, why can't they 
>undergo gametogenesis more than one time in their lives)?

They never got selected for more than one?  Maybe going up a western American
river and breeding takes too much energy for them to be able to go back
downstream.  Remember their food scource is in the ocean.

I seem to remember hearing that atlantic salmon actually do make repeat

>Why can people usually only sleep withtheir eyes closed?

Light stimulates the optic centers, which in turn stimulates the
"wake up, dummy" part of the brain?

>Do alcoholics metabolize more alcohol for their energy source relative to
>glucose than non-addicted people?

Only if they drink enough.

>Why are people addicted to alcohol?

I don't think there's any one answer to this.

>Do men get breast cancer?

Yes.  Males have a small amount of female breast tissue because of estrogen
produced by the adrenal gland and this can get cancerous.

This, BTW, was the only answer I was remotely sure on.

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