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: Why do salmon die after reproduction (also worded as, why can't they 
: undergo gametogenesis more than one time in their lives)?

All Atlantic salmon do not die after reproduction some (about 10 percent)
do make it back to sea to return next year. The life cycle of the Atlantic
salmon is complicated but a brief synopsis is as follows:

1. The eggs hatch into small fish known as parr
2. These parr live in fresh water for about a year
3. They migrate to the sea (where they go in the sea is an unsolved mystery)
4. Fish that have been at sea for one year return to fresh water to breed,
the fish are known as grilse.
5. Some of these fish return to the sea (these returning fish are known as
6. Once a kelt has been to sea for another year or more these are then
known as salmon when they enter fresh water again for a second breeding.

For more information read any British book on salmon fishing.

Paul Davis

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