Thiazole orange analog : DEQTC

Manpreet S Wadhwa mwadhwa at
Fri Feb 18 00:32:21 EST 1994

Hi netters,

are any of you using the dye 1,3'-diethyl-4,2'-quinolylthiacyanine iodide
(DEQTC)? if so, i would be glad to hear from you.

-> has your experience with this dye been positive?

-> is there a U.S. supplier of this dye (couldn't find it in the major

-> i know that Koch Light Ltd, (a U.K. company) is a vendor of this dye.
would some kind reader from u.k. please send me their address and phone

-> i could find only one reference to DEQTC in the literature

Bockstaele D.R.V., and Peetermans, M.E., "1,3'-diethyl-4,2'-quinolyl
thiacyanine iodide as a 'thiazole orange' analogue for nucleic acid
staining" (1989) Cytometry, 10, 214-216.

does anyone have any more references?

please send me email, or post on this newsgroup. i will post a summary
if there is sufficient interest.

thank you,
/manpreet s. wadhwa

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