Hormone Bovine Somatotropin

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>I am looking for infomation related to the use of a bioengineered protine to
>increase dairy cow milk yeaild.
>Is the hormone released in the cow's milk?
>Does pasteurization (or any other process) kill the hormone?
>If the hormone is present in commercial milk, what are the health
>consequences for those who drink it?
  Somatotropins are secreted by all animals, including cows. They can be found
in the milk - regardless of whether additional BST has been given. The process
of digestion is alone enough to degrade BST because it is a peptide hormone,
and as such is broken down by peptidases in the GI tract. So far as is known,
there are no adverse health consequences for those who drink milk (and people
have been consuming somatotropins for as long as they have been eating meat and
drinking milk).  If you have access to sci.agriculture I would suggest you look
there, as they currently have a discussion going on this subject.
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