the more advanced species

Antonio Guia guia at CC.UManitoba.CA
Fri Feb 18 23:41:48 EST 1994

On Fri, 18 Feb 1994 szjmahr at wrote:
> As far as being in touch with our natural environment i think that most 
> of us are far inferior - how many of us feel confident that we could 
> feed themselves in the wilderness without gun or arrow?  that to me seems 
> to be the important thing - the ability to stay alive.

But on the other hand, humans are a community species.  There are quite a
number of other species which would surely die out completely in the wild
if put on their own.  As a community we have developed the tools necessary
to survive. It's all part of natural selection in a sence.  As such we are
just as well adapted to our environment as the ants, bees, lemmings, etc.

In my mind, this still does not indicate that we are any more or any less
advanced than the spider.

The c-index (DNA content measure) sounds interesting.  Is there some
reference where that is discussed further that you can recommend?


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