c-value paradox/amt of DNA/refs.

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> The c-index (DNA content measure) sounds interesting.  Is there some
> reference where that is discussed further that you can recommend?
> -tg
	The C-value paradox is discussed in just about every genetics textbook
published.  Find the nearest text with "genetics" in the title, and check the
index under C-value, genome size, or DNA content.  
	This week's issue of Science (4 Feb 94, vol 263 p 608) has a good piece
by Rachel Nowak on Junk DNA.  Junk DNA is what most people call the scads of 
DNA in the genome that they can't account for as coding for proteins and the
like, which accounts for large percentages of the DNA content of high c-value
organisms.  The article talks about what is going on in at least some of that
extra DNA.
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