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Sun Feb 20 09:23:41 EST 1994

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>From: happy at (Rusty Soots)
>Subject: Need Database Info...
>Date: Thu, 17 Feb 1994 03:18:09 GMT
>	I was recently of told of a "bio" database called B.I.D.S.
>(sorry, I'm not sure what it stands for) that's based out of Bath,
>England and that's suppose to be really good.  If anyone has any info
>on this, please EMAIL me.  thanks a bunch in advance!
>							rusty soots

	I have been using B.I.D.S. (Bath Information and Data Services) for 
some time now and find it to be an excellent service. It provides access to 
three citation indexes (science, social science, arts and humanities) along 
with an index to science and technical proceedings. According to the user 
guide I have it covers 7000 journals and 4000 conferences per year away 
back to 1980. It is not automatically accessible, there has to be an 
agreement between the university/user and B.I.D.S. and I am not sure if the  
service extends overseas. 
	Best thing to do is to get in touch with them direct. They have an 
Email help desk, on the JANET network it is BIDSHELP at UK.AC.BATH otherwise 
	Hope this helps.

	Kevin McElwee
	Dept Biological sciences
	Dundee University
	Scotland, U.K.

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