The gaia hypothesis, ftpable information

Matthew Weed mweed at edith.Princeton.EDU
Sun Feb 20 23:41:49 EST 1994

I am doing a short presentation later this week concerning
the gaia hypothesis, as demonstrated by 
applications like Sim-Earth.  The presentation is for a 
policy class studying scientific methodology 
and how it is used in the analysis of decision-making
in public policy.
As I am a blind student, I have trouble in quickly 
accessing journals or other "non-electronic" forms of information.
If anyone knows of electronically available resources 
that I could use to cross-check my own knowledge of the hypothesis,
I would appreciate pointers to them.
Thanks, in advance, for any and all assistance.
"It was in my father's day that these troubles began.  Then war was declared,
and the enemy relied on the King of Greece.The land of Wilusa was attacked, and
Hittite troops were brought west.  And as they relied on the King of Greece, The
Great King of Hatti advanced, and he subdued them, and brought great booty back

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