the most "advanced" species

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Mon Feb 21 08:04:54 EST 1994

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>      In fact, aren't living creatures with short life cycles (I.E.
> bacteria) much more advanced than us? .... the rationale being that they
> have had countless more generations than us to take advantage of?
>      All I know is that the incredible adaptability, resourcefulness and
> durability of our little friends never ceases to amaze me.

This whole discussion may be frivolous and anthropomorphic by using the term
'advanced'.  ...But I'll jump in for grins and say that plants or any primary
producers (such as chemolithotrophs) that can make their cake and eat it
too, are pretty advanced as far as biochemical pathways (anabolic and

"No generalization is worth a damn; including this one."  -O.W. Holmes

Jim Miller
Indianapolis, IN

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