The GAIA Hypothesis, FTPable information

Matthew Weed mweed at edith.Princeton.EDU
Mon Feb 21 10:02:56 EST 1994

I am a student at Princeton's Woodrow Wilson 
School of Public and International Affairs, and need to find some 
electronically-accessible information about the gaia hypothesis for 
a policy seminar which is studying various scientific modelling techniques.
I hava significant amount of undergraduate biology, so I am 
somewhat familiar with the outlines of the hypothesis,
but due to the fact that I am blind, and the seminar is this 
week, transferring journal articles into accessible format will be difficult.
If there are any ftp-accessible archives with data concerning the basics of the 
gaia hypothesis, I would appreciate pointers to them,
as archie was not able to find anything in searches that I conducted over the we

ekend, and I'd like to double check my "facts".
Thanks, in advance, for any and all assistance.
Matthew Weed

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