need a curve fitting package

Paul Schlosser SCHLOSSER at
Tue Feb 22 08:40:32 EST 1994

 There is a set of fitting and graphing packages for PCs - SIMFIT 3.2 -
by Bill Bardsley placed as on the anonymous FTP archive at  (  I haven't used it but the
availability is nice.

If you are willing to spend ~ $150 US, KaleidaGraph on the Mac is quite
nice.  It has spreadsheats for data manipulation (you can apply user
defined functions plus built-in basic statistical analysis) and very
versatile graphing capabilities (you can control the "look" of the
graphs almost completely - # of ticks, ticks in or out, grids, limits,
typeface, colors, symbols, line types - either thru the menus or by
double-clicking the part of the graph or legend.)  You can curve fit
built-in functional forms or your own equations with any number of 
parameters (well, as many as are practical).  The spread-sheet capabilities
are not quite as good as Excel, but you can import data from there.
[No, I'm not being paid by K-Graph, I just like it a lot.]

schlosser at

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