Request for Interview: Animal Locomotion

David Wynn nomad at
Tue Feb 22 01:03:53 EST 1994

I am a student in Charlotte, NC, and I am presently working on a research
paper/project on animal motion (primarily quadripeds) which requires a
primary source. i.e., I need to interview/get information from someone who
is knowlegeable in this field.  It is a fairly short and broad-based
paper, so I will neither need an expert in animal locomotion nor very
detailed information.  My project is to study such issues as gait and
timing of leg and muscle movements and then to produce a computer
animation which resembles this motion as closely as possible, probably
using a horse or other fairly large mammal. 

If anyone has any thoughts towards this or would not mind helping me out
with some information, it would be a great help.  Thanks!

David Wynn
nomad at

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