Protein Expression in E. Coli

Bipin K Dalmia bipin at
Tue Feb 22 17:56:31 EST 1994

It is my understanding that a lot of people do foreign protein
expression in E. coli. I think that this topic deserves its own
newsgroup. The newsgroup would include discussions on:

1. commercially available high expression vectors for direct expression
as well as the fusion protein approach.

2. common problems associated with protein expression in e. coli:
inclusion body formation and proteolytic degradation come to mind.

3. purification startegies for expressed proteins

4. even cloning startegies.

5. anything else related to protein expression in e. coli.

this is just a preliminary post. i am looking for suggestions and a
possible vote for a new newsgroup. btw, i have no idea on how to go
about setting-up a new newsgroup, but i'm sure someone knows and i'm
willing to devote some of my time towards that end.

an FAQ for the newsgroup might consist of a detailed listing of all the
commercially available expression and fusion vectors, and their
properties: promoter type, lacI gene on plasmid, antibiotic resistance,
terminator, origin, if fusion also the properties of the fusion tag
like: size, in vitro detection, cleavage sites to remove the tag,
affinity purification, antibody availability etc.

i'm willing to start such a listing and develop it as we go along. i
think it would be very helpful to a lot of people to have such a
listing, instaed of getting submerged in tons of catalogs and getting
confused with inflated claims in each about how good their expression
system is. if this sounds familiar it is because everyone who has ever
had to express a foreign protein in e. coli has gone thru it.

lets see what others think......bip

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