WWW server at CSC (Finland)

Rob Harper harper at convex.csc.FI
Wed Feb 23 04:06:50 EST 1994

Just thought I would drop off a note to say that the WWW server
at CSC is now in pretty good condition, and besides having a
Finnish homepage it now has a English one as well. You can connect
to it at the following URL http://www.csc.fi/CSC_english.html

I think you will find this server interesting for it covers
different scientific topics such as mathematics, chemistry,
and molecular biology.

All the best.


 R. Andrew Harper                  E-mail:          harper at convex.csc.fi    
 Center for Scientific Computing   Molbio/software: harper at nic.funet.fi
 Tietotie 6, P.O. Box 405          Telephone:       +358 0 457 2076
 SF-02101 Espoo Finland            Fax:             +358 0 457 2302

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