Protein Expression in E. Coli

Brian Smith bos at nmrt.ocms
Wed Feb 23 04:40:10 EST 1994

I would just like to strongly reject the idea of a separate newgroup for protein
expression. I believe the traffic on any such newsgroup would mainly consist of
"I'm trying to express this protein, but it's not working" posts, which are
adequately catered for at present at present between this newsgroup and

An addition to the FAQ of either newsgroup along the lines suggested would be a
good idea, or better still place a pointer in those FAQs to an ftp archive site
where the information is kept as a more useful searchable database, possibly
including vector sequences as well. The main problem is that what works for one
protein does not neccessarily work for another etc. etc., but a repository of
vectors and expression/purification protocols would be a great idea (if anyone
out there has the time to administer any such thing).

Brian Smith

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